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Aloe Vera Gel

We are one of the leading Exporters and Suppliers of Aloe Vera Gel / Juice and Aloe Vera Drinking Gel in Mumbai, India.

  1. Aloe Vera Drinking Gel
  2. Aloe Vera Gel for Multipurpose Application
  1. Aloe Vera Has No Known Side Effects.

    The first few times Aloe Vera Gel / Juice Should be consumed at night as it tends to cause a slight case of diarrhoea because Aloe Vera Gel / Juice causes initial cleansing of the intestines from bacteria as well as from tiny food particles stuck in the digestive System.

  2. Detoxifies Your Whole System
  3. Strengthens Immumne System
  4. Provides Many Essential Nutrients
  5. Regenerates Healthier Cells
  6. Pain Releif From Deep Within
  7. Antibiotic Properties (* Anti microbial, Anti viral and Anti fungal)
  8. Anti-inflammatory, Anti Allergenic
  9. Keeps Digestive System Clean
  10. Dilates Vessels, Increases Blood Flow
  11. Maintains Higher Level of Energy
  12. Soothes Skin Irritations
  13. Faster Healing from Within
  14. Natural Cleanser (Contains Sapinins)
  15. also Aloe Vera Gel / Juice Rehydrates the Skin

Aloe Vera Gel contains most of the essential nutrients, minerals, proteins, enzymes that your body requires on a regular basis. Nutritional imbalances in your body can cause various chronic ailments. One of the properties of Aloe Vera Gel when consumed regularly is to flush out the toxins and create a proper balance in your system.

Virus or bacteria can enter any healthy persons body and start harming your system, One of the properties of Aloe Vera Gel is that it strengthens the immune system. If your immune system is strong it will be able to fight off the virus or bacteria from your body, thus preventing many of the virus or bacteria related illnesses.

Our Aloe Vera is grown organically. (no chemicals or pesticides are used.). Fresh mature leaves of Aloe Vera Plant are used in very hygienic conditions. The gel is extracted carefully so the outer rind of Aloe Vera Leaf does not come in the gel. We use the cold processing method and out Aloe Vera Gel is properly stabilized as per the requirements of the FDA.

Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel Contains
Aloe Vera Gel99%
Added Permissible Food Grade Preservatives1%

Drinking Aloe Vera Gel as a supplement helps in healing the following ailments :

  1. Acidity
  2. Aids
  3. Allergies
  4. Anaemia
  5. Amoebas
  6. Arthrits
  7. Asthma
  8. High Blood Pressure
  9. Burns
  10. Blisters
  11. Bleeding Gums
  12. Blood Infection
  13. Boils
  14. Brusitis
  15. Breathing Problems
  16. Bronchits
  17. Cancer
  18. Chronic Fatigue
  19. Cold Sores
  20. Colitis
  21. Constipation
  22. Cramps
  23. Muscular Pain
  24. Cystitis
  25. Cysts
  26. Clotting
  27. Cholesterol
  28. Chronic Nose Congestion
  29. Dehydrarion
  30. Detoxification of the Liver & Kidneys
  31. Diabetes
  32. Digestive Problems
  33. Diverticulum
  34. Emphysema
  35. Fever
  36. Gastritis
  37. Gall Bladder Stone
  38. Gout
  39. Headaches
  40. Heart Burn
  41. Hepatitis
  42. Herpes Simplex I and II
  43. Hyperactivity
  44. Hormone Imbalance
  45. Insomania
  46. Infectious Erythema
  47. Insect Bites Intestinal inflammation
  48. Kidney Stones & Infection
  49. Lupus Erythematosis
  50. multiple Sclerosis
  51. Measels
  52. Mouth Sores
  53. Mumps
  54. Musclar Dysthropy
  55. Nephrites
  56. Nicotine Damage
  57. Osteoporosis
  58. Pancreatitis
  59. Parkinsons
  60. Phlebitis
  61. Prostate Condition
  62. Psoriasis
  63. Rheumatic Fever
  64. Pheumatism
  65. Scarlet Fever
  66. Sciatica
  67. Skin Infaction
  68. Tumours
  69. Ulcers
  70. Tuberculosis
  71. Varicose Veins
  72. Vaginitis
  73. X-Ray Scares
  74. Yeast Infaction
Composition of Application Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe Vera Gel95%
Added Permissible Food Grade Preservatives1%
Thiking Agentq.s.

Application Aloe Vera Gel is for external use only. It helps in the Healing of :
  1. Abrasions
  2. Acne
  3. Athlete's Foot
  4. Allergic Dermatitis
  5. Arthritis
  6. Bruises
  7. Bursitis
  8. Candida
  9. Chapped/Cracked Skin
  10. Burns
  11. Blisters
  12. Boils
  13. Cold Sores
  14. Cramps
  15. Controls Hair Loss
  16. Dandruff
  17. Fungal infections
  18. Genital Herps
  19. Hemorrhoids
  20. Muscular pain
  21. Dry Skin
  22. Insect Bites
  23. Psoriasis
  24. Radiation Dermatits
  25. Skin Irritation
  26. Sprains
  27. Stings
  28. Sunburns
  29. Tendinitis
  30. Ulcerations
  31. Vaginitis
  32. X-Ray Scars
  33. Yeast Infection
Aloe Vera Gel is Used for :

Prevention and control of most chronic ailments. Detoxification. Strengthening immune system. Increasing energy and stamina levels. Keeping digestive system clean.

Aloe Vera Gel / Juice Dosage :
Start with a 30 ml dose about half hour before dinner for about 10 days as there is as initial cleansing of the digestive system, then you can have it first thing in the morning. People with severe Chronic ailments may need to take between 50 ml to 100 ml, 3 to 5 times a day till the situation improves.

Shake bottle before use. To be consumed within 60 days after opening bottle. Refrigerate after opening bottle.

Caution :

Never discontinue any prescribed medications without the approval of your Doctor, especially Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Heart related ailments. Drinking Aloe Vera Gel can be used as a supplement along with most medicines without worrying about side effects. Pregnant and nursing women should not consume Aloe Vera Gel as it is a natural laxative.

Aloe Vera is a natural product and we keep it as natural as possible with 1% food preservatives only. taste ma vary according to seasons and soil conditions. Over a period of time Aloe Vera gel tends to change colour and taste. This does not affect the healing properties.