Bentonite Powder for Oil Drilling

Bentonite Powder for Oil Drilling

SV Enterprises offers Bentonite Powder for Oil Drilling, which is widely appreciated for its quality and reliability.

Drilling grade OCMA bentonite API.11

Description of Bentonite Powder for Oil Drilling :

OCMA grade bentonite is a fine ground clay. It is montmorillonite group of mineral which is smectite specially formulated with polymer, STPP and sodium carbonates. It complies with the American Petrolium Institute drilling fluide specification 13A. It is mainly used in fresh water drilling as a substitute to API 9 bentonite.

Requirements :
Parameters Specification
Viscosity @ 600 rpm 30 min
Yield point / plastic viscosity ratio (yp/pv) 6 max
Filtrate loss 16.0 cm3 max
Residue > 75 micron (wet) 2.5% max
Moisture content 13% max

Characterstics (Advantages) of Bentonite Powder for Oil Drilling
  1. Cools and lubricates drill bit
  2. 95 bbl/ton yield
  3. Fast and easy mixing
  4. Stabilize the bore hole
  5. Keep the bore hole in clean
  6. Develops good suspension at lower dosage
  7. Control loss of drilling fluid
  8. Carry rock cuttings to the surface and leave them there
  9. Bore hole scavenging for salt water and sweet water
  10. Withstand formation pressure
Application :

Mixing ratio is based on the fresh water purity. Water quality affect bentonite performance

Application lb/100 gal kg/m3
Normal drilling condition 30 - 55 lbs 36 - 66
Unconsolidated formations 55 - 80 lbs 66 - 96
Fluid loss control 70 - 90 lbs 84 - 108