Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium Stearate

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Certificate of Analysis of Magnesium Stearate

Test reference : Testing carried out as per BP.
Test Result Remarks
Characterstics of Magnesium Stearate : A white very fine, light powder, greasy to touch, practically Insoluble in water and in ethanol. Complies.
Identification :
A) Freezing point (2.2.18) 53.2°C (Limits : Min.53°C) Complies.
B) The acid value of the fatty acids (2.5.1) 201 (Limits 195 to 201) Complies
C) Chromatograms in the test for fatty acid. The retention time of the principal peaks of the test and reference solution are approximately same. Complies.
D) 1 ml of solution S (see tests) gives the reaction of magnesium (2.3.1) Complies.
E) Acidity or Alkality 0.03 ml of 0.1 M HCI Solutions (Limits : Mac 0.05 ml of 0.1 M HCI or 0.01 M NaOH solution) Complies.
Chlorides (2.4.4) : 0.06 % (Limits 0.1%) Complies.
Sulphates (2.4.13) : 0.4 % (Limits : Max 0.5%) Complies
Heavy Metals : NIL ppm (Limits : N.M.T.20ppm) Complies.
Loss on Drying : 4.38 (Limits : Max : 6%) Complies.
At 100 to 105°C (

Microbial contamination (2.6.12)

Total viable aerobic count : PASSES (limits : Not more than 103 bacteria per gm) Complies.
Fungi : PASSES (Limits : Not more than 102 fungi per gm) Complies
Escherichia coli (2.6.13) : ABSENT (Limits : Absent) Complies.
Assay : 4.39% (limits : 4.0 to 5.0 % of mg) Complies.
Fatty Acid : Examine by gas chromatography Complies
composition (2.2.28)

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